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We need your support during this process to represent communities in the region and specific user groups for the future of our State efforts to address the larger opportunities and challenged surrounding conservation and outdoor recreation in our state. Becoming a SCCORR Stakeholder will allow your opinions to be heard when organizers and regional partners begin to make impactful changes.
The SH group is made up of professionals representing their constituents. 

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January 31, 2024: Kick-Off Stakeholder (SH) Meeting

Stephanie Weber of San Juan Mountains Association (recipient of RPI grant award and host of SCCORR) facilitated the meeting with 35 participants. Purpose of the meeting is to update stakeholders on progress made since the last SCCORR meeting in March, 2023. 


What is the geography of SCCORR? It currently is broad, consisting of the four counties of Archuleta, La Plata, San Juan, and southern Hinsdale. The Montelores Coalition also received a grant to conduct this work in Dolores and Montezuma Counties.


One important role for the SCCORR Stakeholder (SH) group is to help coordinate all the initiatives happening in our area. The SH group will be a resources to understand what’s happening in the region. 


Our main goals in the next two months are:

  • Gather input from residents in the region, be that from people who have lived their whole lives here to those who visit for the summer. 

  • To that end we are embarking on several ways to keep an open line of communication: We plan on 10 community Listening Sessions, the SCCORR website, and an online Citizen Survey. We hope to launch the survey next week. The survey addresses what matters in terms of conservation and outdoor recreation to people who live here and those who visit. 

January 31, 2024 Meeting Minutes PDF


For a complete recording of the January 31st Stakeholder Meeting, please email:

April 30, 2024: 2nd quarterly Stakeholder (SH) Meeting

Attendance: 15 members plus Stephanie Weber, SJMA representative, and Elli Morris, SCCORR Facilitator.


Meeting Purpose:

Second stakeholder meeting for SCCORR regional partnership initiative to provide updates, gather input, and make plans for next steps.


Key Takeaways:

  • Survey will be closed to start analyzing current data, but may be reopened later to gather more input.

  • Hybrid meetings preferred going forward, with one annual in-person meeting.

  • Volunteers still needed for advisory committee and to help with governance documents.


  • Presentation slides with agenda, objectives, and updates.

  • Briefing on current status of SCCORR website, inventory of regional initiatives, Citizen Survey, and recent Listening Sessions.

  • Citizen Survey discussion:

    • Summary of survey demographics so far. 

    • Asked for input on extending survey deadline to increase responses.

    • Group discussed merits of closing survey now versus leaving it open indefinitely to allow ongoing input.

    • Decided to close current survey soon to start analyzing data, but may reopen a version later to gather additional input.

  • Planning Scope Discussion

    • Update on defining SCCORR boundaries and overlapping efforts with other regional partnerships. Pagosa Springs/Archuleta County is pursuing separate initiative.

    • Important to communicate and collaborate across partnerships in the region.

  • Data Analysis from Listening Sessions

  • Listening Session data is organized by user groups and key themes. 

  • Data will inform future stakeholder priorities.

  • Emphasized importance of equal representation for each user group.

  • Proposed Advisory Committee

    • Goals for establishing advisory committee with representation across user groups and interests.

    • Currently have 2 volunteers, seeking 5-6 more members. Bob Milford volunteered if Pagosa initiative isn't approved.

  • Governance Documents

    • Other partnerships have shared template governance documents we can customize for SCCORR

    • Need 3-4 volunteers to help adapt these for SCCORR use.

  • State Activities Update

  • Overview of recent state meetings/initiatives, including SCORP and Colorado Outdoor Strategy, where SCCORR can provide regional input.

Next Steps:

  • Close current citizen survey and analyze data.

  • Recruit volunteers for advisory committee and governance document review.

  • Plan details for future stakeholder meetings.

April 30, 2024 Meeting Transcript PDF

Current Stakeholder Organizations

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